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Title: Journal of Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences (JSKUMS)
Scope: The scientific research Journal of Shahrekord University of Medical Sciences is ready to publish research articles, reviews, case reports, and short articles in various fields of medical, paramedical, health sciences, and nursing and midwifery in the shortest possible time and for free.
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Tel, Fax: +98-38-33349509
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eISSN: 2717-0071
Title: Epidemiology and Health System Journal (EHSJ)
Scope: All aspects and approaches to epidemiology and health system such as Molecular Epidemiology, Environmental Epidemiology, Occupational Epidemiology, Infectious Diseases Epidemiology, Pharmaceutical Epidemiology, Medical Epidemiology, Genetic Epidemiology, Oral Epidemiology, Pediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology, and so on
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Tel, Fax: +98-38-33349509
Email: eISSN: 2980-7891
Title: Future Natural Products
Scope: Future Natural Products publishes Original Articles, Review Articles, Meta-analyses, Editorials, Letters to Editors, and Short Communications related to all aspects of “Phytomedicine” including basic, clinical applications of herbs and natural products, and effects of common food ingredients and standardized plant extracts.
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Tel, Fax: +98-38-33349509
eISSN: 2783-4662
Title: Journal of Multidisciplinary Care (JMDC)
Scope: Journal of Multidisciplinary Care focuses mainly on the caring sciences in clinical education and practice, inter-disciplinary and multidisciplinary research, health care management and policies, health promotion, health education, management of acute and chronic diseases, and implementation of supportive and educative caring plans.
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Tel, Fax: +98 38 33349509
eISSN: 2783-3852
Title: Journal of Herbmed Pharmacology (JHP)
Scope: Journal of Herbmed Pharmacology (J Herbmed Pharmacol) is a multidisciplinary journal publishing manuscripts in the fields of medicinal plants, pharmacology, and therapeutics. The journal area includes “Complementary and Alternative Medicine”, “Plant Science”, “Biochemistry”, "Genetics”, and “Molecular Biology” (miscellaneous)”.
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Tel: +98-38-334 6692
Fax: +98-38-333 0709
eISSN: 2345-5004
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